Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rosehill Cemetery Crypt 5K 2013 - Race Recap

Last weekend I ran the the Rosehill Cemetery Crypt 5K.  This is the second year of this race and I was looking forward to running it again.  I like the theme of the race and that it's on the smaller side.  

Since I ran it last year I got a coupon code for this years race and signed up as soon as I got it!  The next thing I did was design a shirt to wear for the race.  I'm a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and the whole running through a graveyard makes me think of that.  I knew exactly what quote I wanted to use to put on my shirt.  
I went to Cafe Press and made a tech running shirt and was happy with the finished product when I got it in the mail the next week.  
My super cool Buffy Quote shirt!
As I mentioned this was the second year of this race, but they fixed many of the issues I had with it last year.  The race started on time, the path was marked better with tea lights, and they had a better shirt.  I still think they could light up more of the graves and mausoleums though. 
This years glow in the dark t-shirt.
From my experience last year I knew that I should bring an extra light to help see the path.  I purchased a head lamp from Target around Christmas last year and just wrapped it around my hand so the light lit some of the path.  I arrived at the cemetery about 30 minutes before the start and after a few pictures I lined up to start.  

You get to run right under the entry way and then follow the tea candle lit path all through the cemetery   Lots of people had glow necklaces on their arms and legs so you could just see a mass of glowing colors at the turns ahead which was pretty neat. 

Again, I'm a Buffy nerd so I listened to the Once More With Feeling soundtrack (the musical episode) during the race.  

Kara mentioned this as an idea last year and it was too perfect to not do myself!  So I was running through an old graveyard, wearing my Buffy shirt, listening to a musical, and pretending to be an kick butt slayer - how awesome is that?!?  

As you can see this run was just plain fun!  I found a comfortable pace and just kept with it.  I think I took about three walking breaks and stopped very briefly to snap a few pics.  

Not all of my pictures came out very well, because it was quite dark.  I finished in 38:36mins.  Not my best time, but it was better than last year so that's good!

After crossing the finish line I hung out a bit and sipped on my free Honest Tea and chips while a band played.  I didn't think the "after party" was that great.  The band was not the best and there was no food truck, like last year.  I stayed briefly before making my way back home. 

Overall a fun race!  There are a few things that could be better, but I think the race improved since last year.  I might have to run it again next year!

Have you ever run a race at night?  If you made a race shirt what would you want it to say?