Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour

I am a big Jillian Michael's fan.  I've watched her shows on TV, done several of her workout DVDs, and love listening to her podcast.  She tells it like it is and truly wants to help people figure out how to live their best life and do what they want.  
When I heard she was going to do a speaking tour and would be making a stop in Chicago I was really interested in seeing her.  I waffled back and forth on whether or not to purchase a ticket.  I asked some friends, but everyone was either out of town or busy.  I finally decided to just go.  Why not right?  I was interested in seeing her speak and I don't go out a ton, so this was reason to get out and do something.  
About a week after purchasing my ticket I saw that PopChips Chicago was hosting a giveaway on Twitter for a pair of tickets to her show.  I thought why not and retweeted the post to enter.  I didn't hear anything after a few days, so I figured I hadn't won which was fine since I already had a ticket.  
The day of the show Friday, May 10th I get a direct message on Twitter from PopChips Chicago telling me I won a pair of tickets to see Jillian Michael's that night and a supply of PopChips!  I couldn't believe it.  

Since I had an extra ticket I tweeted if anyone would like to join me and my fellow #RunChi teammate Shawna accepted!  
After work we met at the theater where I picked up the tickets at will call.  Inside was a message to get my prize at the PopChips booth in the lobby.  When I told them I had won the tickets via Twitter the PopChips people were super excited for me and handed me a large bag full of PopChips, two pens, and chip clips!  Shawna snapped a picture to document my winnings before we made our way to our seats. 

The Auditorium Theater is a lovely theater and we had good seats to see the show. 

Just before Jillian came out her two kids Lou and Phoneix walked on stage and waved at the audience and danced to the music.  They were very cute!
After a video, Jillian came out to big applause.  (Danni Allen, the recent winner of the Biggest Loser also walked on stage for a moment to say hello.)  The show was just her a microphone, a stool, and a big LED screen for about two and a half hours.  It was divided into three sections: Science, Sweat, and Self.  The first half was about diet, exercise, and nutrition.  I knew most of this information already from my own research and her podcasts.  She stressed the importance of eating quality food, reading food labels, figuring out your BMR, dynamic workouts, etc.  

After a 15 minute intermission Jillian came back out to talk about the Self.  This section was all about realizing that you have it within you to make a change, go after something, or achieve a goal.  This goes for every facet of your life, not just weight loss.  
That's Jillian in the center there -my iPhone could not get a good shot of her...
The general public knows of Jillian Michaels as the intense trainer from TV, but that is just one side of her brand to share great workouts and nutrition information with us.  It's not just about that though.  Those are just steps you can take to lose weight, get happy, fall in love, work your dream job, or travel new places.  It's about figuring out what you really want from life and realizing that you deserve it.  The last half of her show was all about that.  She emphasized that it's not just a matter of wishing it would happen, but taking responsibility for yourself and doing the work to get there.  You have to figure out what is preventing you from achieving that goal, which mean answering difficult questions and dealing with emotional issues.  You have to learn to be present so you can "maximize your life" and live the best life you can!

Overall I really enjoyed the show and it was cool to get to see and listen to Jillian Michaels speak in person.  The show has made me think about my life and what I want from it.  It can be hard to think about some of the things she asked us to think about or dive into, but (as she said) the pain of being unhappy or unhealthy has to be greater than that fear so you can make a change.  

Are you a Jillian Michaels fan?  What motivates you to be healthy, exercise, and go after your goals?