Thursday, May 16, 2013

Colorado Part Three - Two Amazing Breakfasts and Garden of the Gods

Ok, last post about my trip to Colorado.  There was just too much to share in one post!

After our adventures on Saturday I was excited for more fun.  We started the day with a super delicious breakfast at Snooze, an AM Eatery.  It was about a mile from the hotel, so instead of driving we decided to walk down Larimer Street to get there.  We were there relatively early, but there was already a line and wait list started.  We waited about 15 minutes before we were seated and handed a menu full of yummy sounding food.  
The restaurant itself was very cute with cool round tables and booths, unique silverware and mugs, and a friendly staff.  We decided to share four different things at the table for breakfast.  The Breakfast Pot Pie which was a puff pastry topped with sausage gravy and an egg, Snooze Spuds Deluxe had hash browns with melted cheese, bacon, sausage gravy, and topped with eggs, Corned Beef Hash, a housemade biscuit, and the Pancake Flight with the OMG French Toast, PB Cup Pancake, and Buttermilk Pancake.

Everything was so darn good.  The puff pastry and sausage gravy were perfect together, I couldn't stop going back for that.  The Spuds Deluxe was really rich and full of flavor.  The corned beef was perfect.  That OMG French Toast did make me say "oh my gosh" after taking a bite.  It was brioche stuffed with mascarpone and topped with vanilla creme, salted caramel, and agave soaked strawberries and coconut.  OMG, right?!  I wish we had gotten a whole order of that instead of the flight. We all agreed it was one of the best breakfasts we had ever had. 
On the walk back to the hotel we decided to make a day trip to Colorado Springs to explore the Garden of the Gods.  Katie has blogged about hiking there and how beautiful it is, and I wanted to check it out myself.  It was about an hour ride to get there and we stopped by the visitor center to find out which trails we should explore.  I asked a guide and he directed us to one of his favorite trails which was around 3.5 miles long.  

This trail was definitely more of hike than our one the previous day.  We were actually hiking up the mountainside on uneven terrain.  The only downside about the trail is that it is shared with horses, so there was quite a lot of horse droppings on the trail, but that's nature, right?  Other than that it was really cool to walk amongst all the rocks.  The rock formations are so interesting and there were some spectacular views on our hike.  
Pikes Peak in the background

In front of the Siamese Twins
We were out there for awhile and quite hungry after our excursion.  We drove around Colorado Springs a bit and then headed back to Denver for some food.  Since it was Cinco de Mayo we found a small local Mexican restaurant and had dinner.  The food was kind of ok, but they had some amazing tortillas.  There was a window to see into the kitchen where an older woman was busy making them.  They were so fresh and the best tortillas I've ever had -that lady was making them right!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and Mom and I hung out at the spa for a little while before settling in.  

Our last day we just had the morning left before our flights out of town and hit up another delicious breakfast spot in Denver.  This place was called Sassafras American Eatery.  
The restaurant was adorable.  It is in the historic William J Dunwoody House which was built in 1889.  There were wood tables and benches and cute knick-knacks all around.  Each table had a unique set of salt and pepper shakers and the silverware was wrapped in different printed cloths.  
Once again everything on the menu sounded good.  We got a few different things to try.  We started with the Elvis Beignets which were banana beignets filled with peanut butter mousse and served with bacon molasses jam.  It was an interesting combination.  I'm not really a bacon fan, but the jam was pretty tasty - sweet with just a hint of salty bacon flavor.  The peanut butter mousse inside the beignets was really good too.  We also had some of their fresh squeezed orange juice which was perfection.  

For our meals we got a Breakfast Slider, Biscuits and Gravies, and Southern Sunrise.  I know I keep saying this, but the food was so, so good.  
The Breakfast Slider was egg and cheese on their buttermilk biscuit.  The Biscuits and Gravies were the perfect combination.  Their biscuits were buttery, soft, and fresh.  The Southern Sunrise was a bowl of cheese grits with pulled pork, fried onions, pico de gallo, and an egg on top.  It had the right balance of spice and the pork and grits combo was a winner.  If this place wasn't halfway across the country I'd be there all the time!

After breakfast we stopped by Happy Cakes to grab some cupcakes for the trip home and then had to head back to the airport.
I agree!
I had such a wonderful time on my trip to Colorado.  I have wanted to visit for long time and I'm glad I made the plans to do just that.  It was fun exploring and spending time with my mom and step-dad for a long weekend.  The beauty of Colorado is hard to put into words.  The scenery, food, and people there are great!  I want to go back!

What is one of the best breakfasts you've ever had?  Have you ever been to Colorado?  What location is on your to visit list?