Thursday, February 28, 2013

Adidas Boost Shoe Launch at Fleet Feet Chicago

Wednesday night I headed over to Fleet Feet Chicago in Old Town for one of their weekly fun runs.  There was special event this Wednesday to launch Adidas's new running shoe-Boost.  

This shoe is pretty darn cool!  Honestly, before this event I never really thought about Adidas as a running shoe brand I would be interested in.  The brand reminds me of soccer, which I loved playing when I was younger, and the shoes everyone had in middle school (everyone but me, I didn't think I could pull them off) white with the signature Adidas stripes that came in a variety of colors.  
This event totally changed my mind and I would definitely recommend checking out this new shoe.  So what's different?  The shoe has new Boost cushioning, which is made to be both responsive and soft.  Boost is said to maintain its cushioning better and a little longer than traditional shoe cushioning   The shoe is comfortable, but not too cushy that you sink into the shoe.  

I invited Alexandria to come along and we each got to do our three mile run in the new Boost shoes to try them out.  The first thing I noticed about them is the fit.  The shoe has a soft upper so it was nice and snug on my foot.  It kind of fit like a sock and formed to my foot.  The shoes are also really light weight and comfortable.
We braved the winter elements and ran along the inner trail for about three miles.  Alexandria were at the very back of the pack, but that's OK, we had a fun time chatting and testing out the new shoes.

After the run Adidas and the Fleet Feet staff were there to ask us what we thought about the shoes.  I'm not a running shoe expert or anything, and I don't know all the right jargon, but I really liked the shoes.  The comfy and responsive Boost cushioning was great on the run.  Plus the shoe held up well in the below freezing temps and wet weather we were running in.

Everyone else seemed to like them too and plenty of people bought a pair.  Alexandria even grabbed a pair for herself!  I couldn't decide that night, but I am considering buying a pair for myself.

Some fellow #RunChi Fleet Feet Cheer Team members were also at the event so I got to meet and hang out with them at the event too.
Kate, me, Sonja, John, and Carly - photo from Anjelica
Adidas also had free beer, soda, and food for us to enjoy after our run.  I had half of a crab cake sandwich and a tasty cup of clam chowder - a pretty nice post run meal!  

There was also a raffle for a variety of Adidas gear.  There were lots of winners.  I ended up winning an Adidas hat which is perfect, because I was just thinking about buying another one.  Alexandria got a hat herself and pair of shorts.
New Running Hat!
I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend this event and to be among the first to try out such a cool shoe!  Fleet Feet Chicago always has great community running events so if you are in the Chicagoland area you should check out the event calendar and join in on the fun.  If you live in another area find your local running store and ask if they have weekly run groups or events you can attend.  It's a great way to meet other runners in your community and have a fun! 

Have you ever run in Adidas shoes before?  Are you intrigued by their new Boost running shoes?  Have you ever attended any run meetups in your area?