Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Mysterious Ache

I've been in a bit of funk lately.  Since the marathon working out has been sporadic.  I have been having issues with my left calf for over a month now which is making it difficult to work out.  Remember during marathon training when I had that strange leg pain.  Well it went away after a week or two and all was good for the marathon, but about two weeks after the race it started to hurt again.  

It is hard to describe what it feels like.  It is a fullness/pressure/numb sensation that is really annoying.  I have been visiting a wellness center with a chiropractor and massage therapist the past three weeks who were trying to help me with some physical and manual therapy to figure out what is going on.  When I run I don't feel anything or at least don't notice the pain.  I haven't really figured out a pattern to the pain or what makes it better or worse.  Sometimes after climbing the stairs my leg feels uncomfortable and extremely fatigued, but just my left leg.  My leg is also uncomfortable just lying in bed or sitting down or standing up.  I haven't figured out much that makes it feel better though.  
The doctor thought it might be a combination of my orthotics in a stability shoe.  She said I don't pronate enough to need that much support and, in general, orthotics in a stability shoe is too much support for anyone, so I have ditched the orthotics.  On her suggestion I took one week off of running, which hasn't helped my attitude that much.  I have been biking, but its not the same as a run.  The whole week my leg still hurt.  

My first run after the week off I kept short and the pace easy and everything felt fine; no pain.  On my follow up appointment she asked if anything has improved in the past few weeks and I told her not really.  The massage and stretches have helped just a bit, but the overall ache in my leg has not improved.  She recommended taking more time off running and/or seeing another doctor to get some kind of nerve testing done.  She can only do so much at their location and after checking many different things she is not sure what is going on.
I just want an answer as to why my leg feels so weird and what I can do to make the pain go away.  It is very frustrating because I enjoy running and not being able to run makes me upset.
I have run two times since that last appointment.  One was short and slow and the second I was feeling really good so ran about three miles and at a faster pace.  Everything felt fine during the run, but later that afternoon, at work, my left leg began to hurt again and is still achey today.  I don't really know what to do.  Right now I'm going to rest some more and say no running for another week or so.  I have also made an appoitment with a sports doctor in hopes they will be able to help.  

I am upset by the whole situation, but I'm trying hard to not dwell on the negative.  This is our busy season at the Spa and Fitness Center so work has been keeping me busy.  Of course Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year so I am trying to enjoy every moment with Christmas music, tree decorating, baking, shopping, looking at lights, and watching holiday movies.
My Christmas Tree 

How do you deal with an injury?