Thursday, November 29, 2012

Charleston Turkey Day Run & Wobble Gobble 5K: Race Recap

I didn't have to work this Thanksgiving and got to visit some of my mom's family for the weekend.  My mom is one of five children and every Thanksgiving we all try get together.  This year we stayed in a lovely house on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  Two of my mom's siblings and their families were able to make it this year.  It was a short visit but I had a great time with everyone.  

Thanksgiving morning most of the family got up early to make our way into Charleston for the 35th Annual Turkey Day Run and Wobble Gobble 5K.  It is the largest 5K in the state and this year there was a new record of over 6000 participants! 

It was a colder morning than I was expecting and had to borrow my brother, Patrick's coat to stay warm before the race.  

Pre race they were handing out Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  My sister, Caroline, and I decided to split one as our "pre race fuel."  They were making the doughnuts right in the square so it was warm and fresh!

We all lined up together, but split into different groups as we ran.  Patrick, Caroline, Mom and I ran together for the first mile.  They decided to take a walk break, but I was feeling good and kept running along and ended up running the whole race.  

The race path has us run from Marion Square down to the harbor and back down King Street.  We passed quite a few Charleston landmarks on the run so it was a pretty run.  At mile three I ran into my Aunt Wendy and ran with her for a second before continuing forward.  I was feeling good and thought I might be able to earn a a new PR.  Soon came the finish line where I picked up pace to cross it with a smile.  There was a bit of a traffic jam at the line as people were tearing off their timing chips turn in.  I checked and stopped my Garmin right as I tapped my timing chip to the sensor.  I achieved a new 5K PR by five seconds - 35:16!  This race was kind of last minute thing since I didn't even think I was going to make it and to PR, if only by a few seconds is pretty cool.  

We all met up in the square after the race where there was water, beer, food, and even a band playing.  
fam turkeydayrace
The Turkey Day Runners!
We made our way back to Kiawah to cook and enjoy the rest of our Thanksgiving.  After our meal everyone took a walk along the beach while the sun was setting.  It was really pretty and we had a great time.  The weekend went by so fast, but I'm really thankful for the time I got to be with my family!