Friday, October 5, 2012

Chicago Marathon Training: Weeks 16 & 17- The Final Countdown

Monday: 45 minute Easy Run - 3.07 miles
Tuesday: 30 minute XT - Bike Ride 4.4 miles
Wednesday: Tempo B with Four Stride Drills - 3.72 miles
Thursday: REST
Friday: 60 minute XT - Hot Power Fusion Yoga
Saturday: 6 mile Long Run 
Sunday: REST

Monday morning it was chilly outside and I had to wear a light jacket during my run.  Just an OK run around the neighborhood.  I had a difficult time finding my stride.  My heart rate and pace were all over the place.  This was supposed to be 40 minutes, but I didn't plan my route well, so went five minutes over.  During this run I did finish listening to World Without End.  It is a monster of a book, 45 hours long, but I really enjoyed it.  It was the perfect book to listen to while marathon training. 

After an work Tuesday I decided to bike to the store to get in my cross training.  I kept it easy although riding back with a backpack and bag full of groceries was an additional challenge.  

Wednesday was another cool morning outside.  I am so happy for this cooler weather!  It took me a few minutes to find my stride, but once I did it ended up being a good run.  This was the Tempo B workout which included 10 mins easy, 10 mins tempo, 2 min walk, 10 mins tempo, 10 mins easy.  I also finished up with four stride drills.  It was nice to run faster and a good start to the day!

Friday I decided to go to the early morning class at Core Power Yoga.  It was the Hot Power Fusion, which is one of my favorites.  It was a small class with only six people, but good practice.  It has been a couple of weeks since I have been there so my balance was a little shaky on a few poses.  I also felt challenged by some of the poses I usually feel good in.  It wasn't perfect, but it was a good class.  My mind and body definitely appreciated the practice. 

Saturday I broke my last long run into two parts.  A couple weeks ago someone posted information about the Rosehill Cemetery Crypt 5K (<-race recap) and after reading about it I knew I had to sign up.  I ran about three miles to get to the cemetery and then the race to get in my six miles for the day.  It was a cool evening which made for a good run.  The race was pretty dark, but I had a really good time!  (I also walked the a mile home which is why the chart says seven miles.)  

I am currently in my final week of marathon training and it is pretty relaxed from all the previous weeks.  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday were 30 minute runs and I have one 20 minute shake out run Saturday before the race.  It is so strange to not be running longer than 30 minutes, but this last week is all about making sure my body is well rested and fueled for the full marathon Sunday morning!

I have been checking the weather constantly throughout the day this past week to see what it will be like on race day.  Right now it looks like it will be cool, low 36, high 52.  That sounds good to me, cold weather is better to run in than hot.  I have most of my race outfit ready, but I am not sure on my top.  I haven't run in 50 degree weather since earlier this year and don't really remember what clothing works best for me.  
Because I have not been running as many miles recently I am starting to second guess some of my training.  It is weird to think that I am going to run 26.2 miles on Sunday when my last long run was six miles.  I am not going off my training plan and adding more miles in, but what they say about taper madness or craziness is true!  I am anxious to run this race though.  I go back and forth between feeling ready and wanting more time. 

My mom and stepdad arrived last night to visit and cheer me on this weekend for my first marathon.  My family, friends, and coworkers have all been really supportive and excited for me, which I am super thankful for.  I plan on eating good food, attending the race expo, reading some marathon race recaps, and watch Spirit of the Marathon all in preparation for the big day.  

I am bib 51775 and will be in the second wave of runners which starts at 8am CST.  I am in one of the back corrals so it may take 30 minutes for me to actually begin.  You can track me or any of the other awesome people running the 2012 Chicago Marathon here.  
If you are spectating or volunteering hopefully I will see you out there - your cheers will certainly be appreciated.  I'll tweet a picture of my race outfit Sunday morning (once I finally decide what I'm wearing).  Good luck to everyone else running this weekend as well!