Monday, September 10, 2012

Chicago Marathon Training: Week Thirteen - A Month Away

This was another cutback week before I attempt 20 miles next Saturday.  My work schedule was back to normal which made for a better week of workouts in general.  

Monday: 50 minute Easy Run - 3.6 miles
Tuesday: 38 minute XT - Bike Ride about 5 miles
Wednesday: Tempo B with Three Stride Drills - 3.66 miles
Thursday: REST
Friday: 35 minute XT - Yoga Meltdown Level One
Saturday: 8.55 mile Long Run
Sunday: REST

Monday I decided to run down some different streets and ended up exploring some of Andersonville.  I kept a nice, easy pace and felt good.

Tuesday, after an early shift at work, I headed back to Lakeshore Bike because they were having a sale.  I ended up buying a wonderful lightly used bike!  
I have been talking about having a bike, pretty much since I moved to Chicago and am so happy I finally bought one.  This bike will be perfect for cross training and just getting around the city.  I also made sure to pick up a helmet and lock.  I got a great deal that includes a two year unlimited warranty so if there is every an issue I can go right back to LSB for them to fix it.  I rode my new bike home with a goofy smile on my face the whole way.
This is how excited I am about a bike of my own!
It was overcast and a bit cool Wednesday morning and I got in my tempo workout just before it started to rain.  The Tempo B workout was 10 minutes easy, 10 minutes at tempo, 2 minute walk, 10 minutes at tempo, 10 minutes easy.  My tempo pace is based on effort and heart rate.  This was a good run and I got in three stride drills at the end, instead of four, because it started to rain.  

After a rest day Thursday, I woke up Friday to get in another day of cross training.  I didn't have tons of time before work so I went to my standard Yoga Meltdown DVD.  It always makes me feel good in the morning.  My form and strength in the poses has definitely improved as I have continued to do this workout.  

Saturday was a beautiful day.  I really hope the weather on marathon day is like it was Saturday: blue skies, sun shining, and comfortably cool weather which is just perfect for running.  I realized that morning that I didn't have any more Clif bars or Honey Stingers so I had to make due with other running fuel.  I had half of a S'more Clif Builder bar which wasn't that great.  It didn't taste like a s'more or that chocolatey.  For running fuel I brought a Honey Stinger Waffle and fruit strip.  I only ended up having half of the waffle, which was OK, around mile four.  Otherwise I just had water and some Gatorade throughout my run.  
For the first two miles my left calf felt a bit weird, but the feeling went away some as I continued running.  It was similar to the achey-ness I felt a few weeks ago.  I guess I haven't completely figured out what is going on.  It has definitely gotten better though.  I think stretching a foam rolling are really the key to help my muscles.
I took mini walk breaks from 30 seconds to a minute every two miles throughout the run.  The path was not as busy as usual which was nice change.  I think people were resting before the Chicago Half which was Sunday.  I ended up running a little farther than eight miles so I could finish closer to the Green City Market.  When I got home I had a long stretch and foam roll session before getting ready for work.  
There is now less than a month before the Chicago Marathon!!  This week coming up is going to be the longest distance I run before the race!  

What do you bring as fuel on your long distance runs or races?