Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chicago Marathon Training: Week Eleven - Stretch & Foam Roll

Thank you for your suggestions on my last post about my back and leg pain, I really appreciate it and the tips you left have helped.
Here is a quick recap of last week's training.  

Monday: 50 minute Run - 3.59 miles
Tuesday: 60 minute CorePower Yoga 1.5

Wednesday: Tempo A and Four Stride Drills - 3.78 miles
Thursday: REST
Friday: 33 minutes Yoga Meltdown Level One
Saturday: REST
Sunday: 8 mile Long Run -8.25 miles

Monday I still had some numbness in my toes, but otherwise my run was good.  I did a nice loop around my neighborhood and kept an easy pace.

I went back to yoga on Tuesday which was great.  It was a very full class for 10 in the morning, but we did lots of hip openers which I always need.  

Wednesday was a new tempo workout and I ran over to the Green City Market.  This one went as follows: easy run 10 minutes, run at tempo 20 minutes, easy run 10 minutes.  I felt good and kept a nice pace.  The workout ended with four stride drills.  The outside of my left knee felt sore in the last stride, but I iced it when I got home.  The numbness in my toes subsided though, which is a plus.  

Friday I had to be at work early so I got up and did my standard Yoga Meltdown DVD.  It is always a good start to the day.

I like to do my long runs on Saturday, but I had to work at 7am.  I didn't want to run in dark and it was too hot after work so I decided to run Sunday instead.  I had a Clif Kids Chocolate Chip Z Bar and some water before heading out.  
It was a pretty day, although it did get a bit warm as I was ending my run.  I enjoyed listening to my book and kept a steady pace taking only two short walk breaks to have some chews.  It was a cutback week so eight miles was on the schedule.  I ran just a bit more so that I ended in a more convenient location to get back home.  
After walking and stretching I made my way to Etno Village Grill.  I always see it when I ride the train and decided to stop in for a burger.  I seem to always want a burger after a long run and this seemed like a good time to stop in.  It is a small restaurant with lots of burger options.  They use seasonal ingredients, grass fed beef, hormone and antibiotic free meat, and use eco-friendly practices in the restaurant.  It sounded right up my alley.  Lots of things on the menu caught my eye, but I decided on the small Vampire Hunter with fries.  Can you guess what was in it?  It was a 1/3 pound burger with asiago cheese, sauteed mushrooms, roasted garlic, chive cream spread, and fresh greens. 
The burger was cooked perfectly and all of the toppings were good.  The meat just need a bit more seasoning and it would have been perfect, it was almost there.  A good meal none the less.  

I did some online research after writing my post last week and think I figured out that is my sciatic nerve that has been bugging me.  So it really is all connected.  I have been focusing a lot more on stretching longer after runs and after standing at work all day.  Foam rolling has also been really beneficial.  I am trying to get more yoga classes in too because they really make me feel good and are a nice compliment to running.  Stretching and foam rolling are such easy things to do and really make a difference in how I feel after runs.  

I haven't run in compression yet, but am still using my socks for recovery after runs.  
I bought some compression sleeves to use on my long run this week so we'll see how it goes.  I am continuing to stay on top of this and listen to my body, because I do not want to be sidelined before the marathon.  Thankfully things are slowly getting better. 

What is a go to meal you enjoy after a long run?  What are some of your favorite post run stretches?