Monday, July 30, 2012

Tasty Meals from Home

I mentioned in last weeks training recap that I got to go home to Orlando last weekend.  When I saw had four days off I knew it could work out perfectly.  I haven't been there since Christmas time.  I love being home with my family and this visit was no exception.  It was just a really relaxed weekend at home.  We spent time hanging out, shopping, working out, and eating good food.  We had some great meals that I thought I'd share.

I flew in early Saturday morning and after picking me up from the airport my mom made some tasty from scratch pancakes for breakfast.  (I forgot to take a picture because I was so hungry.)

After putting my bags upstairs I had to find and say hello to the cats.  I really miss seeing their furry faces everyday. 
Marbles, Daisy, and Callie (clockwise from top)
For dinner that night mom made alfredo.  It was delicious and good fuel for my long run the next morning.  

The week before my mom had made and told me about some homemade chocolate peanut butter cookie dough ice cream she had made.  There was still a good bit left over so I enjoyed a bowl of it later.  The ratio of cookie dough to ice cream was off, it just need more ice cream to balance all of the cookie dough, but that didn't stop me from eating it all.  In fact through out the weekend I think I had some of this ice cream everyday I was there.  A really great flavor combination.  (She just wrote a post about where she got the recipe and some other great cookie dough recipes she tried.)

Sunday night we tried something new for dinner.  Andy grilled some chicken thighs with Carolina barbecue sauce and romaine lettuce.  We then made a salad with that and some fresh toppings.  He also made some homemade french fries, which are awesome.  It was a really tasty meal.  I don't get to have grilled food that often, so I requested we make something on the grill and then we all just bounced around some ideas and came up with this meal.  I have seen a few mentions of grilled romaine and am glad we tried it, because it was really good.

Since the grill was fired up we decided to put some peaches on.  This was something else new to us.  Grilling the fruit created a layer of caramelization and really accentuated the sweetness of the peach.  I made some fresh whipped cream to go with it too.  It needed some crunch so I tossed some granola on top.  It was a sweet and simple summer dessert.  If you haven't tried it you should!

I was in Orlando and couldn't miss out on a chance to get some Jeremiah's Italian Ice.  I've mentioned before that this place is one of my favorites.  After a little shopping Monday we stopped by the small stand and I picked up a small gelati with cookies and cream ice and swirl soft serve ice cream.  Every time I finish my cup I always want more, it is just so good!
Just looking at this picture makes me want some!
Monday, my last night there, we decided to go to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza.  Mom and Andy have been there before, but it was a new place for me.  We split an order of chicken wings first.  They are not your traditional wings and are served with sauteed onions and seasoned pita bread.  

When looking at the menu the Broccoli Rabe and Sausage pizza caught my eye.  Mom and Andy said it was something they had never tried, so we decided to order it.  The crust was well done and had a great crunch to it.  The broccoli rabe had a slight bitter taste, but with the spicy sausage, melty cheese, and red sauce it was really good.

My visits home always go by too fast.  It was nice to hang out at home, relax, and spend time with my mom, stepdad, and the cats.  Mom and Andy will be visiting me next in October for the Chicago Marathon!

What is a meal your family makes or a restaurant you enjoy when you visit home?  Have you tried grilled fruit before?