Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chicago Marathon Training - Week Three: Furniture, A/C, and Tacos

This was another busy week both work and training wise.  I covered someone's shift at work and ended up with a six day work week.  Training this week was four days of running, two cross training, and one rest.  For my weekday runs I have been running around my new neighborhood.  There is a small park nearby that I can run through, but otherwise I have just been exploring the neighborhood streets and the more I explore the more I love my neighborhood.  
Here is the breakdown:
Monday: 45 minutes Easy Run- 3.36 mi
Tuesday: 30 minutes XT
Wednesday: 40 minutes plus 4 stride drills- 3.63 mi
Thursday: 45 minutes Easy - I ended up doing 41 minutes 3.01 mi
Friday: 30 minutes XT - I ended up 10 minutes of stretching, because I was so sore from carrying home a 50lb A/C unit they day before, which was not the best idea...
Saturday: 9 mile Long Run 
Sunday: Rest

I wasn't necessarily looking forward to nine miles especially because the weather has been warm here, but my long run went really well this week.  I got up around 6:15am had a mini Chocolate Chip Clif bar, a handful of pretzels, and a glass of water before I went out.  I decided to just run from my apartment to the lake and down the path to the Green City Market.  I usually run to the Market Saturday's, but just change where I start depending on the distance planned that week.  I decided to carry a 20oz water bottle and wore my iFitness belt with a G2 and more water.  I think I got started early enough that I avoided too much heat.  
On the North end of the trail.  I ran all the way to those tall building in the distance.
As you may recall I love to listen to books while running and am currently listening to the second book in the Divergent Series called Insurgent.  It might be considered Young Adult, but I don't care, it is good.  Listening to the story helps pass the time when I'm running especially if it is a long workout.  I still people watch and admire the skyline and lake, but I love listening to a book.  For nine miles it felt like the run went by pretty fast when it really took me just over two hours.  I think part of the reason was also because I wasn't constantly looking at my Garmin to see my pace or what time it was.  I only looked at it to make sure I was in the right heart rate zone and when it beeped at each mile to check my mile splits.  I took about five mini walk breaks throughout to either help my heart rate come down a bit or fuel.  I ate a fig bar, two honey stingers, my G2, and all the water to fuel throughout the run.  

After my run I headed to the Employee Warehouse Sale the hotel, where I work, was having.  We recently remodeled so all the olds chairs, dressers, pictures, mirrors, tables, etc were up for sale at super discounted prices.  I only own a bed and dresser so I figured it was worth a look.  I ended up getting two arm chairs and a small kitchen table for only $50, you can't beat a deal like that!  I belong to a car sharing program and rented an SUV to get all the stuff back to the apartment.  I finally have somewhere to sit besides my bed!  I also finally purchased a window unit for my room and have air conditioning.  My wonderful grandparents offered to buy it for me and I am so grateful.  I can now be comfortable and cool in my apartment for the summer.

I had to return the car and ended up near Bucktown/Wicker Park and decided to try Big Star for lunch.  I have heard lots of people talk about this taco place and since I was nearby stopped by the to-go section.  The place has a great atmosphere with a large outside seating area, big bar, and music playing. I ended up trying the chicken taco, pork belly taco, and some chips and salsa.  The chicken taco was just ok, but the pork belly one was tasty.  Plus the chips and salsa were perfect.  (The food was little messy since I got it to go, so my pictures didn't turn out great.)  I will definitely be back to try the queso and guacamole and maybe a dessert, but it was just me so I couldn't try them all then.  

How do you stay cool in the summer?  What are your favorite type of tacos?