Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fleet Feet Girls Night Out

About two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Fleet Feet Chicago's Girls Night Out event at their Lincoln Square location.  As soon as I got the email about the event I knew I wanted to attend.  I love all that the Chicago Fleet Feet does for the running community!  They put on some great events and are really supportive of all types of runners.  As a member of the FF Cheer team I was given a free invitation to the event and asked if I wanted to model some of the new spring gear.  I was a little hesitant about "modeling" but I thought, why not?  Plus I would get to keep the clothes I modeled, which was a nice little perk.

I arrived at the store to see a line out the door of all the ladies waiting to get inside.  There were people at the door to check everyone in and give them a little handout about what was going on at the store.  

The first table I checked out was the Foiled Cupcakes.  They are a local cupcake order and delivery service here in Chicago.  I have had their cupcakes before at a Fleet Feet Chick's Night and was glad to see them here.  They offered three standard flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet.  
I went with the chocolate which was good.  I enjoyed the frosting and I love the little "Quippies" they stick in their cupcakes.  They customize them for every order.  I passed by there later to talk with the main baker and she explained how she started the business and how much she enjoys doing it.  I love hearing how people end up doing what they love!

I then made my way back to the Nutritionist Table where they were doing mini consults.  I spoke briefly with one of them, but she didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. Meh.

Right next to that was a representative from Feetures!.  I have seen their socks before in the store, but never tried them.  He explained how the sock molds to your foot and explained the two different types they made.  They felt good and worth a try.

My next stop was the Luna Bar table where I picked up a couple sample bars and a coupon. I chatted with the representatives about their favorite flavors and when they like to eat a Luna bar or Luna Protein bar.  One mentioned a blueberry flavor bar that sounded good and both said they loved the chocolate coconut bar as well.  

Throughout the evening the store was doing shoe and bra fittings, which many ladies took advantage of.  The store had some great sales for all those attending that evening too.  Upstairs there was also a dance workout class led by an instructor from WERQ and a mini massage station.  

I then ran into Sonja, who I met at the FF Cheer get together last month.  We chatted briefly before Catherine, who helped organize the event, found me and told me I would be modeling two outfits that evening.  She handed me my bag of gear and I went to change into my first outfit.  I met up with the other FF Cheer ladies upstairs before we went down to start the show.  
FF Cheer ladies modeling new Spring Gear: Angelica, Paula, me, Jill, and Supriya  
Catherine explained that the mini fashion show would span about the length of the store and where to walk and stand. 

I was up first and headed out in clothes from Moving Comfort, which included the Take it on Tank, in the sunset color, and on the bottom the Endurance Capri.  As I walked the "runway" Catherine gave a description of the outfit I was wearing.  I walked from one end of the store to the other and stopped a benches along the way to pose.  Once I finished that outfit I did a quick change into my second outfit which was from Saucony with the Ignite Tight Capri on bottom and Axiom Printed Short Sleeve Shirt on top which has UV protection in it.  I made my way back and walked the mini runway one last time to finish the show.  
I was pretty nervous walking around in the outfits while people stared at me, but I put a smile on my face and made the most of it - it was fun!  

After the show I changed back into my regular clothes and walked around the store one more time checking things out.  I soon said my goodbyes and headed back home around 10pm.  

For modeling the clothes we each got to take home the new gear.  Plus we each got a pair of Feetures! Elite Ultra Light socks in an awesome pink color.   (I was actually going to buy this pair, before Catherine told me we were getting them for the show!)

Everything was really comfortable and cute; I love the different colors!  I am looking forward to running in the new gear soon.  I'll be sure to let you know what I think after I test them out.

I am still shocked that I got to model and then keep such awesome running gear!  I definitely needed some new pieces and am so appreciative to Fleet Feet for letting me have and test these.  A big "Thank You" to Catherine, who helped organize the event and also coordinates some of the FF Cheer stuff, for the invite and gear.  I thought the Girls Night Out event at Lincoln Square went really well!  It was a nice to meet with other runner's and have fun at such an awesome store!    

What is one piece of workout gear you are looking to add to your wardrobe?  Do you have a favorite kind of running socks?