Sunday, March 4, 2012

Updated Running Gear

Last week I made a trip to Fleet Feet.  I have been running in the Asics GT 2160 since about September.  Recently I have noticed a few aches in my legs and that the shoe doesn't seem to have as much cushioning, which is a clear sign to me that it is time for new shoes!  The shoe has been great though, so I thought I would see what the updated 2170s felt like.  The friendly sales person found my size and as soon as I tried them on loved them.  They are almost exactly the same with a few small adjustments.  It is a tad lighter, has a stream lined look and feel, better heel support, and comes in an awesome color.  I really like them! 

As the sales person was measuring my foot she noticed that my left arch falls when I stand up.  I had never noticed this before.  She asked if I have ever used or thought about using orthotic inserts, which I haven't.  Essentially they go inside your shoe in place of the liner.  They are meant to help with alignment and in my case she thought they would help with stability for my arch.  I tried on three different types and sizes to find the insert that would be the best fit.  The Superfeet Orange ended up being the best fit.  As soon as I walked with them in I felt a difference; the insert really fits the bottom of your foot.  I figured they were probably worth a shot.  I have some runner's knee issues and tight IT bands sometimes, so I thought the inserts could help that and help keep my body aligned while running.  I went ahead a purchased them that day and had her put them in my GT 2160s to walk home in.  She recommended walking a few days in them before going on run so my feet and legs could get used to them.  They were about $50, but last about a year or through two pairs of shoes.  

I loved the updated Asics, but had some birthday money to use on Amazon and decided to get them online instead of at the store.  As soon as I got home I ordered them plus a new sports bra from Moving Comfort as I was in desperate need.  Your sports bra shouldn't have a birthday and I believe mine turned one about four months ago, so it was definitely time.
Wednesday I got a slip in my mailbox telling me that my packages had arrived, but the postal person didn't leave them.  It was a bit of a run around trying to actually get the packages in my hands.  After a few calls and a failed trip to one post office I made it to the correct location Friday.  I ended up waiting a full hour in line at the "slowest post office in the world," but finally got them that morning.  

I wore them for my long run of eight miles this morning.  I got up early to get in the miles and awoke to cold and cloudy weather.  It was a good run though.  The shoes felt great and I am happy with my purchase.  I have only worn the orthotics for about three runs, but so far so good.  
I love the look of these shoes!
I also tested out my new Moving Comfort sport bra.  I usually wear the Fiona style, but decided to try the new Jubralee style.  It was really comfortable and supportive; it might be my new favorite.  
I am looking forward to good runs ahead with my new gear!  Just two weeks now until the Georgia Half Marathon