Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lululemon Warehouse Sale and a Blogger Get Together

On Thursday after work one of my twitter friends told me there was a Lululemon Warehouse Sale going on in Rosemont.  I was intrigued and checked online to see how far it was from me and if I could get there easily.  It ended up being a 50 minute bus and train ride over to the convention center, so I planned to go Friday.  

I woke Friday morning and went on a great 5.4 mile run.  Since I finished Unbroken on my last run I started listening to a new book.  I decided on 11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King.  I have never read one of his books before but the idea of time travel and trying to stop the assassination of President Kennedy intrigued me.  So far so good!  

After the run I took the bus and train over to Rosemont.  I only own two pieces of Lululemon clothing, some great running crops and compression socks, both of which I purchased at the outlet in Orlando.  I think they make great things, but it is expensive, so I was looking forward to getting some good deals.  I had heard that the lines might get kind of long so I was prepared with my iPhone for entertainment.  I arrived around 2:45pm and the volunteers were saying the line was shortest it had been all day.  The line kept a moved pretty fast and I was inside the room within 45 minutes.  There was a DJ blasting music and the large convention room was organized into rows by size.  There were shirts, tanks, shorts, pants, and accessories.  I tried to take a picture, but it didn't really turn out.  I thought it might be kind of crazy in there, but it wasn't really.  There was enough room to look through the racks and people weren't packed inside.  I grabbed some things to try on and went to the dressing room which was just a large, open room with a few mirrors around the perimeter.  I was wearing leggings so I just slipped the clothes on over.  I decided on a two items and made my way to the checkout line just in time to get an extra 10% off my purchase!  

I thought the prices were pretty good, not as cheap as Target (which actually has some great workout gear), but good for Lululemon.  I ended up getting the cute Run: Speed Skirt and the Run: Swiftly Tech shirt for $65 total, which is more than 40% off.  There were plenty of ladies, and gentlemen, walking out with two or more giant bags of gear, but I was happy with my purchases.  I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can wear them!   

Saturday evening I met up with some local bloggers for yoga and dinner.  A few weeks ago Marisa and Diana emailed asking if I was free for another blogger get together.  We had fun last time so I was totally game.  We got two more Chicago bloggers to join in as well: Alexandria, who I met briefly at the Rudolph Run, and Katie who I met up with twice last year.  Thankfully I got the weekend off work and could join in.  

We all met at the Lakeview Moksha Yoga Center where they offer a free community yoga class.  The class was good.  It was the longest I have ever done yoga (an hour and half), but the time actually went by quite fast.  It was a level one/two class that focused on balance in the poses.

Afterwards we made our way just down the street to Native Foods Cafe.  It is a completely vegan restaurant that has quite an assortment of meals.  It initally opened in Los Angeles and has recently popped up in a few more cities with three built in Chicago within the past year.  Diana has written nothing but goods things about the cafe, so I was excited to try it.  I am not a vegan, but was up for trying something new.  A few things on the menu sounded really good, but I decided on the Portabello and Sausage Burger with Seasoned Native Fries.  
The burger was seasoned seitan, which is a wheat, meat like product.  The presentation was nice, but the look of the actually seitan threw me off a bit.  The seitan was well seasoned and had a meat-like texture.  It was different and had a good flavor (I really liked the mushrooms and pesto), but I'm not sure I would get the sandwich again.  I will go back to Native Foods to try something else though.  The other ladies food looked delicious.  Everything that came out was so fresh and colorful! 
It was a nice little get together and we had a good time chatting and hanging out.

Sunday I got up and ran a relaxed 3.75 miles.  There was a light dusting of snow, but the run went really well.  My mom was running the inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon at Disneyland, so I was cheering her on virtually.  After my run I picked up some tasty doughnuts at Dinkel's Bakery (they are the best) and made a homemade pizza while lounging around and catching up on some TV shows.

Are you a fan of Lululemon?  Have you ever tried seitan or a vegan meal?