Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tell Me Seven Things About Yourself

Katie at Peace Love & Oats nominated me as Blissful Blogger back in October and Diana of Veggie Next Door recently tagged me to participate in Tell Me About Yourself so I thought I would join in!

Being tagged means that I have to write 7 things about myself.

1. My family moved to Florida from South Carolina in the summer of 2001.  It was a quite a change moving away from my dad, grandparents, cousins, and friends.  It was hard, but moving from a small town to a bigger one gave me more opportunities I would not have had otherwise.

2.  I fell down the stairs about six years ago and broke my ankle.  My sister and I were staying in Atlanta with family.  I was carrying my five year old cousin going up the stairs and we decided to go back down and as I turned around I somehow missed a step and we fell.  My cousin was OK, just a bump on her arm, but as soon as I hit the ground I felt and heard a snap and screamed.  I was helped into the car and driven to the emergency room.  The pain was excruciating.  To make a long story short I had broken my fibula (the outside bone) in half and somehow chipped my tibia bone by my inner ankle.  They couldn't do surgery that night so after getting some medication and a splint we went back home.  I was in a simple splint/cast for about a week.  Whenever I used the crutches I could feel my bones moving around in my leg -it was so weird and really painful.  My mom drove to Atlanta to meet us and I had to ride back to Florida with a broken leg before I finally had surgery. A plate and several screws were put in my leg to fix everything.
My scar on the outside of my leg.  It's about four inches long, but not that noticeable anymore.
Two scars by my inner ankle are still visible.  
The whole experience was pretty bad.  I never realized how important being able to walk is, until I couldn't easily walk myself.  For a couple years following I was very cautious and kind of scared of stairs.  Everything ended up healing fine, but I continued to have some ankle issues, like rolling my ankles several times and another fall down the stairs.  Clearly my body couldn't handle the weight it was carrying.  Whenever I think about the whole thing I still get chills; it kind of haunts me. It has gotten better as the years have passed though.  Losing weight and getting stronger has definitely helped, but I am still pretty cautious going up and down stairs.

3.  My siblings, Caroline, Patrick, and I loved making lemonade stands on the weekends when we were younger.  We would set up a little table at the end of the driveway and make lemonade to sell to our neighbors.

4. I am kind of a magazine junkie.  I love reading magazines.  I like the health and fitness ones, celebrity gossip, running, food, and home stuff.  I subscribe to a few and my mom sends me the ones she has after she's read them.  Also at work we can take the older issues of the magazines we have throughout the spa and fitness area to read for ourselves.  They are easy to read, informative, and give me ideas for recipes or workouts.  In high school and college I would go to the bookstore, grab a bunch of magazines and spend the afternoon reading in the store.

5.  I only went to two Florida State football games during my four years at college.  It wasn't until my senior year that I finally went to one.  I rooted for our team every weekend and had intentions every year before to go, but never actually did.  I had fun at both games and I kind of wish I had attended more.

6.  I have only been to three concerts: BackStreet Boys, Howie Day, and Lady Gaga.  We were lucky enough to get 11th row seats at BSB, for my 11th birthday, which I was totally stoked about.  Howie Day was in high school and was when I had cast on my leg so I got a great place to sit close to the stage.  He hasn't done much since, but I really enjoyed the show.  Lady Gaga was about two years ago with my friend and roomie Kristin.  The concert was amazing.

7.  In my apartment right now (my first that I pay for by myself) the only furniture I own are my bed, a dresser, a fold up chair, and tiny bookshelf which are all in my bedroom.  The living room area is really my workout/office space with boxes of books, files, weights and a yoga mat.

So there you have it, seven kind of random things you might not have known about me.
I am going to leave this open ended and pass this on to anyone that wants to participate.  Let me know if you post I want to check it out!