Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Green City Farmer's Market

I have tweeted about it many times before, but I just had to write a post about the amazing-ness of the Green City Market.  I have only been in Chicago for six months, but I think I have been to this farmer's market almost every Saturday.  Finding a good farmer's market was important so I immediately went to the internet to do some research.  Green City Market had a great website and lots of wonderful reviews so I knew I needed to check it out.  The market is located in Lincoln Park and is open on both Wednesday and Saturday from 7am -1pm.  This market is everything I was looking for and I look forward to going every week.

I love this farmer's market for a variety of reasons:
  • Everything is grown, raised, or made locally either from Illinois, Indiana, or Michigan which means the products are not traveling super far.  This means you are buying from local families and businesses, which is always a plus. 
  • There is a wide variety of booths.  At Green City Market there are flowers, vegetables, fruits, eggs, tamales, breads, pasta, sweets, honey, juice, poultry, meat, crepes, sandwiches, coffee, pretty much anything you can imagine.  
  • Many of the farmers grow organically which is good for you and environment. 
  • Everything is so fresh!  You get the chance to buy things directly from those who made it.  The vegetables were just harvested the day before and the bread was just made this morning.  You are getting the best of the best!
  • It's a great social activity.  There is always a good crowd of people and pets at the Market.  It is a fun place to meet new people who likely have a similar food philosophy as you.  You can also create a relationship with the farmers and businesses who sell there every week.
  • You can try new things.  Many booths in the market are known for special things they make whether it is a delicious tamale or the best crepe or a unique jelly or type of tomato.  I love trying new foods and the market is a great place to do that.  Most farmers even let you taste a small bite of something before you buy it.  
  • You're buying produce that is in season.
  • It's fun!
The guy in the red shirt and hat is there every week with drums, sticks, maracas, tambourines, etc and makes music with all of the kids.  As you can see he is pretty popular!
I have tried to taste things from as many vendors as possible. Here are some of my favorites:
Green City Crepes

Whole Wheat Bread from Bennison's Bakery

Best. Tamales. Ever.
My absolute favorite apples!
Sunday Dinner Egg Sandwich.  The sandwich changes every week depending on what's in season.

Incredible grilled cheese sandwich made with butterkase cheese.
As you can see there are tons of great things to discover at the farmer's market.  Check out Local Harvest to find one near you so you can check out the local goods in your area!

Do you like to visit the farmer's market?  What is your favorite food or thing about the market?