Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eat, Workout, Work, Blog - WIAW

I haven't participated in What I Ate Wednesday in a while, so I felt it was time to jump back in.  I have been busy, busy with full work weeks, but I had some time yesterday to snap some pictures of my food.

I worked the closing shift at the cafe last night so I got to sleep in which was lovely.  I ate a bowl, or in this case, mug of cereal.  Kashi was on sale a few weeks ago and I had some great coupons so I couldn't resist buying some of my favorite cereal.  I spotted this one, Berry Blossoms, and it sounded good, so I grabbed it too.  It was my pre workout fuel.  

I did a quick 35 minute strength workout, while watching an episode of Ally McBeal on Netflix.  (I started watching it about a month ago and absolutely love this show!)  I made up my own circuit workout in which I rotated leg, arm, ab, and cardio moves throughout.  
I chugged some water post workout and grabbed a piece of wheat sourdough I bought at the market Saturday.  Plus I enjoyed a tasty kiwi.  

Before heading to work I made an easy toasted English muffin with peanut butter and jelly.  I think almost all of my WIAW posts have included pb&j.  But what else can I say except that I love it!
It doesn't photograph that well, but it tastes great!
During my 20 minute break at work I grabbed a small chicken caesar salad and half a chicken pesto sandwich.  I work in Water Tower Place, which is essentially a big mall, and they happen to have a great food court.  It is not filled with traditional food court fare though.  I usually get something from the Fresh Market area where they have sandwiches, fruit, salads, etc.  Everything I have gotten there has been good.  I have only just discovered the deliciousness of the caesar salad a few nights ago.  The sandwich was equally good with a pesto mayonnaise, Boar's Head chicken, lettuce, tomato, and provolone cheese.

I got home around 8:45pm and was still hungry, so I heated up the leftover corn off the cob I made the night before.  I bought the fresh corn from the market after overhearing someone say how tasty it was.  They weren't wrong, plus it was from a local farm.  I need to get some more next time I go!

I ended the night with a small snack of dark chocolate covered pretzel slims from Trader Joe's with a little peanut butter and raspberry jelly.  MMMMM!  Clearly I am on major pb&j kick!

What are food or meal are you currently eating a lot of?