Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday - Random Eats

Time for another addition of What I Ate Wednesday.  I missed last week because I was busy trying to get my new job stuff sorted out, training and such, but I am happy to be back this week.  I have been trying to remember to take pictures of my food, but I forgot a few times so this is a compilation of some of my recent eats and not a complete day of my meals.  

Homemade Nachos with Whole Wheat Toasted Tortilla, Taco Seasoned Chicken, Black Beans, TJ Salsa, Spinach, Cheese, and Diced Avocado.  My mom gave me this idea a couple weeks ago and I decided to try Monday.  It is wonderful and super filling.  I just baked the tortilla a bit to get it crispy and then added on my toppings and warmed it all up a bit longer.  Look at all the bright colors too!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cone.  I got off work late Tuesday and was craving some real ice cream so I headed across the street to Ghirardelli and grabbed this giant scoop.  It was delicious. 

Cheese Stick & Fresh Pineapple.  This was my snack on Monday.  It was a bit rainy outside and I had just finished a short strength workout.  The cold foods were perfect after a sweat session.

Peanut Butter and Jelly on Potato Roll.  This is an easy go to meal or snack for me.  I will eat it anytime of the day.  I used to not be a big fan, but over the past few months I have discovered I really love it.  I like the softness of the potato roll with the TJ peanut butter and some raspberry polaner all fruit.  

What good foods did you enjoy this week?