Monday, June 27, 2011

My Job Search

I have been in my new city of Chicago for just over a month.  After getting settled my next task was to find a job.  I am living in my own apartment with bills to pay and money, therefore, is needed to live my life.  My work over the past year as a substitute teacher and babysitter added money into my savings, but it won't last forever.  

It has been a busy few weeks.  I had my first two job interviews in the city.  I didn't get called back by either in the time they told me so I figured I was back to square one.  Bummer.  The rejection is really the hardest part.  I haven't held tons of jobs because I was focused on school, so the jobs I have had are babysitting, retail, and food service.  Granted, I don't know exactly what it is I want to do, but I love learning new things and I think I am good worker and friendly person.  I just need the opportunity to show someone what I can really do.

I sent out some more applications and resumes the next week and got an interview for a hotel babysitting company in the city.  The interview went really well and I was offered the part time position right away!  It is a really flexible job and something I am comfortable doing, so I think it will fit perfectly into my schedule.

Then last week I got a call back from the one of the places I first interviewed with, American Girl.  I thought since they hadn't called me back it was a no go, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got the call offering me a position in the short service cafe.  I was a big fan of the company growing up.  I looked forward to getting the magazine, going to the bookstore to check out the new books, and even had my own doll.  I got tons of craft ideas, ways to deal with growing up, and games to play from their content as well.  It wasn't until I was older, on my first trip to Chicago, that I got to visit the store.  It was really neat to see everything they had set up.  I was a little to old for it all by then, but I appreciated all of the time and consideration that was taken to make the place so much fun.  So now I get to work with the company!  We just finished orientation and I am truly excited about working there.  Everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and helpful; the place just has a great energy about it.  

I feel like all of this happened at once, it was one thing right after the next.  But I guess that is how it goes sometimes.  These are both part time positions, but they will help keep me a float while I navigate life in the city.  I was really feeling down and worried after the initial rejection, but I guess it just takes time and persistence to get something.  My options are still open, but I feel so much better knowing I have some work.  

What were some of your first jobs in the real world?