Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strong and Smart Girls on the Run

This past Tuesday we had our Girls on the Run Practice 5K.  This was the girl's opportunity to run the distance with a running buddy.  (A running buddy is there to encourage their runner to do the best she can.)  Unfortunately one of team mates hurt her ankle a week ago and can no longer participate in the race.  That didn't stop her from coming and cheering on the rest of the girls though.  She's bummed she can't run with us this season, but she is still going to participate in some of our non-running activities.  In fact, she came to cheer on the rest of the girls in their practice run last week.  She definitely has a Girls on the Run spirit! 
It was a crazy hot, humid afternoon, like 92 degrees.  The heat made for a tough run, but luckily our course was shaded.  I ran with one of the girls and we started off strong.  As the run went on the heat got to us and we were taking more walking breaks.  I decided to make small running goals for us by choosing a landmark to run to which seemed to help.   I kept reminding her she could finish this.  I also tried to distract her from the side cramp she was experiencing by talking about her favorite music, school, and the thought of cold water at the finish.  All of the girls finished the strong and got to break a finish line.  I am so proud of all of them!  They all did a great job and I know come race day they will be fabulous.  

Yesterday's GOTR practice was another good one.  We talked about advertising: how sometimes they don't give us all the information we need, that they can be misleading, and they might not send us the right messages.  We had a great discussion in which everyone contributed thoughtful responses.  
For our workout the ladies did intervals - they ran one whole lap and then took a two minute rest break.  During the break however they had to write down an adjective that described a strong girl or woman.  All of the girls really pushed themselves today and were very impressive today.  It was another hot afternoon, but they really dug deep and ran some great laps with smiles on their faces.  

We are one of ten schools in our area participating in GOTR and race day is going to be full of fun.  There is a little less than two weeks until our final 5K celebration on May 7th and we are getting excited!  

I know Caitlin made a call for Running Buddies last week, but this is just some more friendly encouragement to try and volunteer with a GOTR council near you.  This program is amazing and being able to run with a girl during her 5K will not only bring a smile to her face, but one to yours as well.