Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Ramblings

Just a simple post about the things I have been doing and thinking about recently.

  • I am moving to Chicago in 42 days!  Ahh!  There is so much to do!
  • I have been eating a lot of sweets lately and need to focus on making my meals more balanced again.  
  • My mom made this Asian Noodle Salad that is so darn good.  I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but after a small bite I ending up eating a whole bowl of it!  And it is not too bad nutrition wise either.  
  • I was unsure about getting contacts, but I really like having them for working out now.  It makes things much simpler.
  • Earth Hour was this weekend and 134 countries around the world participated!  The hour brings awareness to climate change and sustainability issues.  At our house the lights and electronics were off.   We got the candles out and read.  Did you participate?
    Marbles decided to take a nap during Earth Hour.
  • I love starting new books, it helps with the twinge of sadness that comes along with finishing a good one.  I started another Jennifer Weiner book, Best Friends Forever last night and borrowed a new one called This Must Be the Place by Kate Racculia from the library as well.  
  • Adele's new album 21 is amazing!  I have been listening to it on repeat recently.  Her first album, 19, is wonderful as well.  She can sing and write like no other.  
  • My second half marathon (the IronGirl in Clearwater) is a week and half away - ohmygoodness!  My last long run before the race is this Saturday.
And to go along with the randomness, here are some random questions for you: Are you reading any good books right now?  What foods or meals have you tried that you thought you wouldn't like, but ended up being great?  What song or artist are you listening to on repeat?