Monday, March 21, 2011

New Hair!

Last Tuesday I went to the salon and got a brand new hair do.  I am kind of picky about my hair, the length has to be just right, not too long, not too short, but hair dos are personal to everyone, right?  Recently I have felt like my hair has just been getting too long and it is starting to get warmer and I needed it cut.  I had been eyeing a short Michelle Williams/Carey Mulligan do for awhile and decided to just go for it.  The stylist said she thought it would work for my face shape, so I had a lot of hair chopped off.  When I got out of the chair she told me that it suited me well.  I gave a half hearted smile, because I thought I looked pretty different and was not sure this hair do was right for me.  It was a bit shorter than the picture and I thought it looked a bit like a mushroom top.  When I got home my mom and step-dad saw it and said they liked it, but I was still unsure.  I just needed some time, I have never had a hair cut like this.  In all honestly I was leaning toward not liking it.  I iChatted with my sister and she thought it looked good too (I trust that she would tell me if it didn't really look great).  So all of that is to say, it has taken some time, but I think I like it.
Old, long hair
New, short do
I still think I will like it more when it grows out just a bit and doesn't have that "just cut" look.  Seeing myself in the mirror is quite different, but it's good.  It is something new and different!

I am heading to Chicago tomorrow morning for one last trip before the big move in May.  It is just going to be a quick two day visit.  This trip is to find an apartment and sign a lease.  We have a meeting scheduled with an apartment finding service that is going to show us a few places in some neighborhoods surrounding the city.  I am also looking into a few job possibilities during my time there.  Wish me luck!