Thursday, January 6, 2011

WDW Half Marathon Training - Week Thirteen & Fourteen: Final Training Days & the Expo

Race day is in two days and so training is winding down.  Since I did my long run from the week before on Monday I just went to cross-training for Tuesday.  I played Just Dance 2 with my sister.  You can definitely break a sweat and burn some calories playing this Wii game.

Thursday I went for a run around the neighborhood.  The weather has gotten a bit warmer here, which I am not too happy about.  When it gets hotter it gets tougher to run.
Friday I went on a short bike ride through the neighborhood and finished up with some crunches and yoga poses. 
Saturday morning I finished my last long run before the race.  I ran five miles outside with my race pace of run four minutes walk one.  It was warm in some spots during the run, but overall it was an OK run.  
Monday I got up and had to go for a 40 minute run outside.   I kept a good pace and felt great after.  
Post Dance Workout
Tuesday I decided to try the Just Sweat feature on our Just Dance 2 Wii Game and boy did I break a sweat!  I danced to about eight or nine songs, including Firework by Katy Perry, A-Punk by Vampire Weekend, Call Me by Blondie, and Wake Me Up by Wham!, to name a few. It was lots of fun and the thirty minutes flew by.

Wednesday I took a short (compared to all my other runs) 30 minute run through the neighborhood following my race pace of r4/w1.

Thursday evening my mom and I headed over to the Disney Health & Fitness Expo to pick up our race packets and check out all of the vendors.  I forgot to bring my waiver, which I had printed out a few days earlier, but luckily they had computers set up to print them out so I took advantage of them.   
The Penguin
After getting our race bibs a man walked on the small stage and announced that John "The Penguin" Bingham was getting ready to speak.  We had to stick around and listen.  He is the guy that co-wrote, with his wife Jenny Hadfield, Marathoning for Mortals.  That is the book I read that motivated me to run this half marathon and where I got my training plan!  It was a short interview about his life and how he got into running.  It was pretty cool to see him in person!  

Afterwards we walked across to the actual expo.  There were lots of vendors with lots of great running/fitness related gear and products.  We grabbed our goodie bags and then went to explore.  I got a new headband, some free Luna bar samples, a new Clif Builder's Bar, and two race pace bands.  After spending about two hours walking around and checking things out we headed back home. 
The Goods
Friday I have my last run before the race.  It is the shortest one I have since before I started training; 20 minutes long with a run 3/ walk 2 pace.  I am going to run before work in the morning.    
So those were my last days of training for my first half marathon!  I will be back to tomorrow for a quick pre-race post. 


Katy (The Singing Runner) said...

Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I will be at the expo tomorrow morning! :D :D :D

Sorry, I just can't contain my excitement any longer!

Good luck with your last run and on the race! Can't wait to read your recap! Maybe I'll see you at the race! ;)

The Running Peanut said...

Oh my Gosh - sooo excited reading this! I'll be at the expo on Saturday. Running the full Sunday. It's my first.

Good luck to you!! I'll look forward to reading your recap!! :)

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