Thursday, December 16, 2010

WDW Half Marathon Training - Week Ten: Cool Weather & Happy Living

The big race day is getting closer and closer!  There are about three weeks left and I am getting more excited about this race as I finish each training run.  

This week was a bit different schedule wise since I completed my long run from the previous week on Monday.  Because of that I skipped the Monday run.  So on Tuesday it was time to cross-train.  I went with the elliptical for 40 minutes.  I wore the Garmin to keep track of my heart rate and make sure I was in the right area.  I read the latest issue of Runner's World while I was on the elliptical.  

Thursday I hit the road again on a loop around and through the neighborhood.  For this run I got to try a new run/walk ratio of 4/1.  This is going to be my ratio for the half marathon so I was excited to see how this run would be.  It ended up going really well.  I find that the first run after a few days off goes really well - rest does the body good!  I walked out the door of the house and started my warm-up when I realized I forgot my iPod.  I didn't really feel like heading back so I just continued with my run.  It ended up not being a big deal.  I enjoyed the quiet time by myself and as it was just getting dark I got to see all the pretty Christmas lights on the houses.  The weather was nice and cool which made for a comfortable run.  I finished the run with four stride drills too.  

Friday there was no cross-training.  I worked all day and then drove five and half hours to Beaufort, SC, my hometown.  We were celebrating my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary so the family was gathering for a surprise party.  

Saturday I got up around seven to cold weather and an overcast sky.  I had six miles scheduled so I headed out.  I had never really run in this area so I went exploring through a few different neighborhoods.  About a mile into the run it began to drizzle and it continued throughout the run.  Besides being wet and kind of cold, it was a good run.  Except I did get a stinking blister on my right heel that stings a bit.  

My sister and me- cold, but happy.
The party was later that afternoon and my grandparents were totally surprised, they had no idea.  It has been about six months since I saw my dad's side of the family.  Since then I have lost about twenty pounds and started running, so I look different.  Everyone noticed and said how good I looked, which is nice to hear, but my grandmother and aunt mentioned that I looked happier.  That meant a lot to me because I am SO much happier.  Adjusting my lifestyle has changed my life for the better.  Before all of the weight loss and exercise I had some down moments, nothing major, but I was not living life to the fullest.  The changes I have made have brought so much joy, positivity, and good health to my life.  The way I feel now motivates me to continue to live my best life.    

What changes have you made in your life that have brought you happiness?  


Faith @ lovelyascharged said...

You're going to do awesome @ Disney! I've been doing more strength training since joining the gym, and I really love it! Okay, maybe I don't love it while I'm doing it, but immediately after I'm always quite pleased with myself ;)

Cate said...

Thanks for the encouragement! :)
I have been slacking a bit in the strength training part of my workouts, but the feeling you get after a good workout can't be beat!

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