Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WDW Half Marathon Training - Week Eleven: The Long Run When it Rained the Whole Time

Lets talk last weeks training -  I didn't really feel like exercising a few days, but once I got going it all worked out and was OK.  

Monday was a 45 minute run around the neighborhood with a 4/1 run/walk ratio.  I went on a different route through the neighborhood.  I got a bit tired in spots, but pushed through.  

Tuesday I decided to use the elliptical machine in the house and read.  I was tired and did not feel like working out and the 40 minutes seemed to last forever, but I did it.

Thursday was another 45 minutes run around the neighborhood and four stride drills.  IT was good run and the stride drills were great.  I felt like I was running super fast.  My normal training place is kind of slow, so seeing how fast I could actually go was fun.

Friday I decided to use the elliptical for about 20 minutes while reading Women's Health magazine.  For the last ten minutes I did some arm and ab exercises.  I haven't been keeping up with my strength workouts as much as I would like.  I am going to try and get back to having at least one day of strength training back in my schedule.

Saturday was the BIG long run.  Ten miles were planned.  This is the longest run scheduled before the race in January.  It was overcast in the morning and I checked the weather to see the radar.  It looked like there could be some light rain, but mostly just clouds.  After my warm-up, however, it began to rain.  It was just a light rain, but it continued for the entirety of the run.  I was wearing some long shorts, a tech tee, a zip up tech hoodie, and my baseball cap.  My jacket didn't stay dry very long, but surprisingly my Old Navy tech shorts did, which I was happy about.  I was worried about getting cold or chafing, but thankfully that was not a problem.  I also brought along my hand held water bottle filled with 1/2 G2, 1/2 water, a six ounce water bottle, and five honey stingers.  I have never used fuel, besides G2, on a run, but since this run was going to be over two hours long I though I might need the extra energy.  

Around mile two and half I passed my mom on the way back from her 20 mile run.  It was nice to see her.  She gave me some words of encouragement and I kept chugging along.  I was running along a busy road and after three miles I turned down a quieter path.  It was a very nice area to run in that had a paved path that weaved by some neighborhoods and cow pastures.  On mile four or so I dug my hand in my pocket to get the honey stingers I packed and couldn't find them!  I checked my other pocket and they were no where to be found.  I figured they must have fallen out of my pocket earlier in the run.  I was totally bummed.  It was difficult at moments in the run to not think of how much longer I had and that I didn't have the fuel I wanted, but I tried to keep a positive attitude and sipped some of my G2.  
I turned around when my Garmin read that I gone a little more than five miles.  At mile seven the rain began to pour and it continued for the remaining miles.  My shorts couldn't stay dry any longer and unfortunately got soaked.  I finished my G2 at mile eight and kept running through the pouring rain.  I know I could have just run in the gym, but ten miles on the treadmill did not sound fun.  I also really thought it was just going to be cloudy and a little rainy, clearly I was wrong about that.  The rain did make the run interesting though!

As I continued back to our house I was on the lookout for the lost honey stingers.  I was hoping to find them soon on my way back, but I didn't find them until mile nine.  I was sure happy to have them though.  As soon as I found my bag I gobbled up three.  Now I don't know if it was mental or if the honey stingers really work that fast or well, but I definitely got a burst of energy that lasted me through the end of  my run.  In fact, I ended up running 10.5 miles, half a mile more than scheduled, because I was feeling so good.  (I honestly I think I could have gone farther too!  I think that is a good sign for the race.)  I took a long cool down walk to the house to finish the workout.  When I arrived at the front door my mom was there with a towel.  I tried to dry off a bit and made sure to stretch.    

I felt accomplished and energized after the run.  I still cannot believe I ran 10.5 miles!  I was worried that ten miles was not long enough to prepare for the 13.1 on race day, but after this long run I think I can actually do this half marathon!  Only two weeks left until the race so I am officially tapering before the race.

I am currently back in Beaufort, SC spending some time with my family.  We are celebrating an early Christmas this week here with my dad's side of the family.  I hope you are having a lovely Christmas week!

What is the longest you ran or your think you should run before completing a half marathon?  How do you fuel before, during, or after a run?


DisneyGirlInNJ said...

Congrats on the run!! Stumbled on your blog through Twitter and came over to say hi. My first half was this past January down in Disney too and I loved every second of it. 10 miles is definitely sufficient for your last long run, you're definitely ready! Before the race I think I had half a bagel w/peanut butter...during the run I had a few Gu Chomps along the way and I drink a mix of half Gatorade/half water and I felt great the whole time. Good luck! :)

Cate said...

Hello! thanks for stopping by :) and thanks for the fueling suggestions.

Brian Johnson (TheRunningMan23) said...

Nice long run Cate! Congrats! I've always heard that for a novice a couple 10 mile runs before the 1st half is the way to go. That advice served me well when I did my 1st half. After I had a done a couple halfs I started going up to 11 & 12 miles so I could start working on maintaining my pace for longer distances and to work toward my full marathon goal a bit.

As for fuel, I use GU gels. I like the chocolate and the new Mint flavor. During the race I also take a drink at every water station regardless if it's H20 or gatorade. I usually walk the aid stations as a part of my plan. It's a quick 30 second break for me and allows me to drink my liquid rather than chug it and get most of it down the front of my race shirt... :-)

Good luck at WDW! Sounds like you are ready!

Anonymous said...

10 miles is an accomplishment! You are going to rock the half!

Katy (The Singing Runner) said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog! I'm running the Disney Half Marathon too!!! I can't believe its coming up so quickly!!!

Congratulations on the 10 miler! I did 10 miles this morning and it definitely made me more excited for the race!!!

Continue the great training and maybe I'll see you at the start line. ;)

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

Good luck on your race. I also live in Central FL. My wife did this race last year as her first marathon. It was cold has heck but it looked like a fun race.


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