Sunday, November 28, 2010

WDW Half Marathon Training - Week Eight: Family, Friends, Food, & Running

This was a full week of family, friends, activities, and food.  It was a relatively easy week training wise.  The plan for this week was pretty similar to last week, but I made a few adjustments because of my schedule.  My IT band was still feeling a bit sore, although the foam roller has been a life saver, seriously.  If you have any kind of sore muscles I highly recommend getting a foam roller.  It does hurt, but feels good at the same time.  
  • Monday I took it pretty easy with a treadmill run for 44 mins.  It felt pretty good - no pain.  I made sure to foam roll after.  
  • Tuesday was cross training for 40 minutes which is just an increase of ten minutes from previous weeks.  I did a circuit workout with lots of arm work.  I added a few squats, lunges, and crunches as well.  I focused on my arms so much that they were shakey after the workout session.  I made sure to add in some leg exercises and stretches that are supposed to help with IT band and runner's knee issues.  Some of the ones from Healthy Tipping Point and Runner's World.  
  • Thursday my family did a local Turkey Trot together and had great time.  The recap is here.  We finished around 39 minutes so I just jogged five more minutes to get to the scheduled 44 minutes.  I did however completely forget about the stride drills I was supposed to do.  I only realized I had forgot to do them when I checked my training plan later that night.  After our Thanksgiving meal I decided to go on a nice, long bike ride.  I indulged quite a bit and decided a simple bike ride would make me feel a bit better and it certainly did.  It ended up being around 40 minutes.
  • Friday was supposed to be another cross training day as well.  We went bowling for about 45 minutes and since I went on a bike ride the day before I felt like I covered my 30 minutes that were scheduled.
  • Saturday, I got up early for my long run which was four miles.  Saying that four miles is my short, long run, is both strange and exciting.  Four miles right now feels like a comfortable distance.  It is weird to think that just two months ago four miles felt like such a long distance- and in reality, it is, in fact, a pretty long distance to run!  I went with the run 3/ walk 1 ratio and the run felt very good.  It was overcast and quite humid out, but there was nice breeze.  I kept a comfortable pace throughout and my legs felt good too.  I had a long stretch and foam rolling session when I got home and made sure to ice my knees.  One of the best things about this training plan is how accomplished I feel.  I haven't even completed the race yet, but there are many small things in this journey that make me feel strong and happy, both physically and mentally!  Sure it is hard work sometimes (like last weeks pains & long run), but overall I am really enjoying running and training.  
This week a friend and I are traveling to Chicago to see the city and check out some areas to live.  We are planning on moving to the city some time next year; it is one of my favorite places.  I am really excited about the four day trip!  (If you have any places to see or things to do in Chicago, let me know!)  I am getting all of my winter clothes together because it is going to be chilly up there, including workout gear.  I have an eight mile run scheduled for Saturday so we will see what happens with that in Chicago!

What do you like or dislike most about training?  


Nichole said...

I ADORE Chicago - my fave city. How fun!!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I think the toughest part about training for something is the loss of freedom with workouts. You have a plan to stick to and its harder to just go with the flow.

And I have never been to Chicago, but want to go so badly. Hope you had a great time!

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