Saturday, November 6, 2010

Race Recap: RUNNONA 5K

Well another 5K is complete and boy it was a chilly one!  We had a cold front come through and this morning we ran in 50 degree weather.  I got to pull out my running pants, long sleeve shirt, and jacket for this race.  

It was another good race put on by the wonderful local running shop the Track Shack.  RUNNONA is a relatively new, small, race in which you get to see some of the new developments happening in the community.  This was the third year of the race and my first time running it. 

I have been excited about the race since signing up because I wanted to see how my half marathon training has benefitted my running.  The day before I had a full day of work followed by a night of babysitting.  I didn't get to bed until 12:30 AM.  We woke up around 7AM, so I didn't get a ton of sleep.  As soon as I took the covers off I was cold.  It got down around 42 degrees, which is quite chilly this time of year in Florida.  I tried to shake the cold off and quickly got my outfit together and pinned my bib number on.  I ate half of the seasonal, pumpkin spice Clif bar; it was OK, but I probably won't eat it again.  I also made sure to drink a big glass of water.  
A bit chilly before the race
My mom, step-dad, and I all drove over to the race site enjoying the ride in the warm car.  We headed over to the starting line where the UCF Marching Band was playing.  I tried to keep moving around to warm-up before the race.  After a few minutes we were told to line up.  My mom and step-dad headed up closer to the front and I waited somewhere in the middle of the pack.  After listening to the National Anthem we were off!  I brought my iPod touch with me for this race so I could use the Nike + system to record my run, I just put it in my jacket pocket (this was fine for most of the race, until the very end...).  
My plan was to try and run the race using the designated run/walk ratio for the half marathon, 4/1, but I ended up feeling really good and only took a walking break every eight minutes, give or take a few.  Once I started running I didn't feel as cold either; the weather actually felt quite good.  The race path was on newly paved roads that went around Lake Nona and the hospital - it was a nice run.  So about my iPod, as I was getting ready to turn the final corner and sprint to the finish my iPod crashed to the ground!  I must have caught the headphone cord with my hand and it slipped out of my pocket.  It does have a case, but that split apart, so I scrambled to pick up the pieces.  Luckily, my iPod is OK; no damage, but it took me forever to get all the pieces up (or at least it felt like forever, it was too long).  I was so frustrated!  I had been having such a good race and then this happened.  I sped back up and finished the race strong though in 39:04.  The announcer even called out my name as I crossed the finish line!  
This is the best I have ever felt running a race - it wasn't too hot or too cold, there was a good race path, and I didn't have to take many walking breaks, and I am happy about that!  I am bummed about the iPod fall, but I guess I learned my lesson to make sure it is secure! 

My mom and step-dad did a really good job too and finished the race around 26 minutes.  We walked around the tents and grabbed some free food, water, mini first aid kits, and these neat water bottle holders.  We also got to try the mix1 protein shakes.  They were quite tasty!  They have lots of different flavors and they can be used pre- run or post-run.  I think I am going to pick some up to try.  I then decided to run my two extra miles to get to the five miles planned for the half marathon training.  

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  


Miranda (Walk Like a Runner) said...

Hey! I just found your blog today....good job on the 5k! Sorry to hear about your Ipod catastrophe though. At least it's still in working order.

Best of luck as you continue training for your half!

krissy said...

great job! i miss lake nona!!

MR running loose said...

i enjoy hearing that you have lost weight!
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MR running loose said...

also i did run nona, it was a little chilly but overall they did a good job! im happy with trackshacks work!
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Rember to run loose.

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