Sunday, November 14, 2010

Race Recap: Celebration Florida Hospital Founders' Day 10K

I did it!  I finished my first 10K race - 6.2 miles, the farthest I have ever run!  
It was a great race and I felt good running it!  

The race began at 7:30, bright and early this morning, in Celebration.  I did not get to sleep as early as I wanted to last night, because I was wrapped up in a magazine and then had to see the end of the FSU vs Clemson game (GO NOLES!).  I have been having some sinus/cold issues this week and woke up at 4:30 AM with a bad stuffy nose.  I tried to get back to sleep, but only got about 30 more minutes before it was time to get up anyway.  I took some medicine and drank some water, hoping that if I started moving, I would feel better.  I enjoyed a tasty cranberry orange nut bread Clif bar for pre-race fuel and we headed out the door.  On the ride over I continued to drink water and finally felt the medicine start to kick in.   

Before the race
Once again it was a family event as my mom, stepdad, and I, were all running the Founders' Day 10K race.  We got there with plenty of time and started walking over to the hospital and then headed for the starting line.  They lined up in the 9 minute running group and I stood with the 10+ minute group.  The race began and we were off!  There were over 1000 people running the 10K this morning, so the start of the race was a bit crowded, but I tried hard not to weave around people.  I wanted to make sure not to start off too fast and found a comfortable pace.  I decided to go with run/walk ratio of 3:10/1:50.  I pretty much stuck to that whole race, with some runs going a bit longer, especially toward the end of the race.  The crowd thinned out after the first mile and I was feeling good.  Something I really like about a race is the different people that run.  I do all of my training runs by myself so it is nice to run with other people in a race, at least for some friendly competition.  In a race I like to set mini goals as I go, such as "keep up with the girl in the pink shirt" or "I am going to pass this lady."  I think it makes the race exciting!  

The race path was really nice and the weather was great!  There were not many spectators, but a few people came out of their houses to cheer us on.  We ran through the cute neighborhoods in Celebration and even through downtown.  A couple houses already had their Christmas decorations up!  They were neighbor houses, so I assume there is a bit of a competition between the two.  I had to snap a picture of them quickly, since Christmas is my favorite holiday! 
While heading into mile five I looked ahead and saw a group of people holding signs.  As I got closer I noticed they were some employees from the lululemon Outlet.  They had some great signs like: "Don't stop now - people are watching," "You're almost there!"  "The finish is just ahead" (or something to that effect).  I wish I had taken a picture, because they were wonderful signs.  The ladies were cheering us on and it encouraged me to push a little harder.  I happened to be wearing the running crop pants I recently bought there and while waving to them I shouted out that I was wearing lululemon pants.  A few of them gave me a thumbs up and they cheered a bit louder.  It really gave me a burst of energy to keep going strong!  

The race track got quite a bit smaller as we were running next to the street, so the last mile or so was pretty much on the sidewalk.  There also happened to be a 5K race that was starting soon and the 10K race path went right through the parking area, so it got a bit crowded near the end.  I had to weave around a few people who were walking to the 5K start.  As I made the final turn (I feel like there is always a turn right before a straight shoot to the finish) I picked up my pace and sprinted through the finish.  The announcer said my name over the speakers as I finished in 1:21:15!  I know it is not a super fast time, but I am happy with it because it was my first time running that far.  I wanted to finish under 1:30 and I did just that!  Plus because this is my first 10K it is a personal record (PR); I really think it can only get better from here!  
At then end of the finish line one of Track Shack owners, Betsy, was there to applaud the finishers.  After she congratulated me, I told her it was my first 10K and she gave me a double high five!  She was very friendly; just another reason why Track Shack is awesome.
I can't believe I finished 6.2 miles!  It really didn't seem that long as I was running.  I was a bit worried about the race, because my runs hadn't been great this week, but luckily my knees felt pretty good and thanks to medicine my sinuses were not a problem.  I am proud of myself for completing a new distance and feeling so good throughout the run! :)

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Cate you are a runner for sure - great race recap!

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