Sunday, October 17, 2010

WDW Half Marathon Training: Week Two - Switching Days

Another week of half marathon training complete!  This week's schedule was pretty similar to lasts.  
I ended up switching around a few of my workout days so I rested Tuesday and Saturday instead of Wednesday and Sunday.  In Marathoning for Mortals they say if you miss a workout to just skip it and continue on with the schedule, but I had the time and room in my schedule to do the workouts.  I was feeling kind of ill Monday night and not much better Tuesday and decided to push my run to Wednesday.  I didn't want to work out feeling so icky and risk feeling worse.  Then this Saturday we had a community yard sale where we ran a cupcake stand featuring our delicious, gourmet cupcakes (I know I might be a bit biased, but our cupcakes are pretty fabulous and the sale went well!)  I had planned on doing my long run later in the afternoon, but my knees were feeling a bit sore and tight, so I pushed the run to Sunday.  It was a good plan.

My long run is actually the longest I have ever done before.  In fact, almost every long run in the rest of this half marathon training plan will be a personal distance record (PDR) for me!  I planned to get up around eight to eat and run, but I must have been tired because I slept until 9:30 AM and didn't run until 10:50 AM.  I mapped out a 4 mile loop using  It is a great site I just found that lets you map routes in your area.  It is really easy to use and the map is a satellite picture so you know exactly where you are going.   I filled up my water bottle with gatorade and water and finally headed out to run.  
4 Miles Done!
The weather was not too bad actually; it was a clear, sunny day.  It was a little warm but not super humid.  I wish I had more to drink during the run however.  The hand held bottle I used only holds about 8 oz and I was gone about 50 minutes.  For this run I used a watch that kept track of my intervals for me so I didn't have to constantly look at my time on my iPod Touch, which was sooo much better.  I also borrowed my mom's iFitness belt which has two, water resistant, zip pockets.  It was fabulous!  I stuck my iPod in there and the belt didn't bother me at all - no bouncing or adjusting half way through the run.  
The run was slow and steady, just like the plan told me it should be.  Running the extra mile wasn't that much different than my other runs.  I mean, it was longer, but I wasn't super exhausted.  It felt good!  After I finished I had a good stretch session and nice glass of chocolate milk.   
And I am on to week three! 

What do you think about switching days and missing days in your workout routine?  Do you make-up the workout or just miss the day and continue with the plan? 


Simply Life said...

congrats on the training!

Tricia said...

usually depends on my schedule and what run it is. I NEVER skip the long runs, but pass up a few speed sessions and just go on from there

Anonymous said...

I think it's fine to switch it up for the weekeday runs/routines, as long as you remember which switches you are making, lol! I am fanatical about planning mine out and making sure it all gets done...

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