Sunday, October 31, 2010

WDW Half Marathon Training: Week Four - 5 Miles!

Week four of my half marathon training went well.  It was pretty much the same as last week, except I got to run five miles Saturday (yeah, five miles - I still can't believe it!).  Actually my week was almost exactly like last week, same running times, same cross-training activities.  

I had a few weird pains this week during both of my weekday runs.  Monday, near the end of the run, my left shin felt quite sore.  That has never happened to me before.  I slowed down my pace a bit and paid special attention to my running form.  I also had a long stretch session, where I even tried a foam roller for the first time.  Ow!  Seriously, but my shin has been fine since.  I have also had some strange low back pain.  I am trying to be aware of my posture and have been doing lots of back stretches to help.  During the Thursday run it began to hurt a bit, but wasn't anything super painful.  The pain seems to have decreased a bit, but I am going to continue to strengthen and stretch my back to make sure I don't feel that pain again.  
The cross training this week was the same as last - multi-task workout and elliptical.  I really love the strength workout I discovered last week, so if you are interested in a easy way to add strength training you should check it out!  

The five miles Saturday was OK.  I was excited by the prospect of running that far.  I got up, ate half a Clif bar, drank a glass of water, and mapped out my route.  After quite a hot weather week it was finally cooling down a bit, which was nice for the run.  I grabbed my water bottle, with 1/2 G2 and 1/2 water, and my music and headed out.  The run started off really well.  I was feeling good the first half.  Then I ran through some places where the sun was beating down on me and it started to get a bit warm.  Around the halfway point it started to get tough.  During one of my walking breaks I drank some of my G2 and some newer music on my iPod began to play and if gave me that extra push to keep going.  I kept saying to myself that I could do this and how good I would feel when I finished a whole five miles!  I pushed through and finished strong.  My legs felt quite tired and sore, but after some stretching felt much better.  Stretching is definitely your friend!  
5 Miles Complete! :)

Next weekend I have another five miles on the schedule, but I think it will be a bit easier than this weeks.  My mom, step-dad, and I are all running the RUNNONA 5K Saturday morning.  I am excited, because I have heard that it is a good race!  I am going to split up the miles for next week by running the 3.1 at the race and the remaining 2 when I get home.

How do you deal with injuries or pains during workouts?  Do you have a mantra, or something you say to yourself when running?


Anonymous said...

Great job on 5 miles!

Caroline said...

5 miles is impressive... go Cate!!

Nichole said...

I am literally chanting "go, go, go" as I read! GOOD FOR YOU!! You should be so proud, quite the accomplishment. You are making fantastic strides. Unfortunately tweaks are a part of running and you will notice more of them as you learn to listen more to your body. If you are in serious ouchies take a rest day, no sense in risking it. Sometimes you have to test those boundaries.

Corey @ the runner's cookie said...

When I'm running I know the different between the bad, injury-related pain, and the "I'm just working myself really hard" pain...if it's the latter, I tell myself I am strong, and if I want to get faster, I need to push myself. It also helps me to think about great races I've had and how amazing it felt to have my training pay off.
Awesome job with the 5 miles :)

Cate said...

Thanks you for the encouragement and advice! I appreciate it! :) Running this week has been pain free so things are looking good!

chris mcpeake said...

great job with the training. Keep it up

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