Friday, October 1, 2010

September Goals Wrap-Up and the Start of Something New

Well September is over; time to see how those monthly goals went!
  • Practice Yoga at least twice a week.  Yoga has been a great addition to my exercise routine.  It helps me relax, de-stress after work, and just makes me feel good after.  I did the Yoga Meltdown workout with Jillian Michaels a few times (it is a mix of yoga and strength training) and the YogaWorks Beginner workout from Exercise TV.  I have even added several yoga moves during my post-run cool down.  I am definitely keeping yoga in my schedule.
  • Get in bed by 10:30 PM on weeknights.  Success!  This was a good goal to work on, because I definitely needed the sleep.  I am kind of a night owl, so I was worried that it would be difficult.  In fact, I was pretty tired most nights that is wasn't a problem; I even went to bed a bit earlier some nights and even on the weekends.  It has changed my sleeping schedule a bit, but it has been good.
And now about October:  
  • Start half marathon training!  Yep, you read that right!  I am going to be training for the Disney Half Marathon that is in January.  This is something that I have been wanting to do and even more after my mom finished a half last year and reading tons of inspiring blogs.  I am going to be using a run/walk method for the race and have a training plan already scheduled.  My first training day is Monday!
So because I will be training for the next three months my goals will mostly be focused on this.  I will be starting a short blog series about my half marathon training to keep track of how it is all going that will begin next week with more details about what I am doing.

What are your goals for the month of October?  If you need some ideas or inspiration for some of your own check out my past monthly goals or this post.