Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sometimes you just want to celebrate.  It can be something small, a big change, or something that has taken a long time to achieve.  Whatever it is you worked hard to achieve it so why not celebrate, that is exactly what I am going to do!

I told you about two months ago that I was close to getting under 200 pounds, which is a big milestone for me on my journey.  Well after, what seems like forever I am so happy to say that I am no longer in the 200s!!!  I have not been in the 100s since middle school, which was 10 years ago.  I mentioned last time that the scale is not the only indicator I use to assess my health.  It is just one part of the equation which includes my fitness level and how I feel.  Getting under 200 pounds has not been easy and it has taken me around 20 months to lose 70+ pounds.  Of course in the beginning you want immediate results, but I am kind of glad it took me a while to get here.  I have worked hard to change my lifestyle and lose weight and I know I never want to go back to where I was.  I can now say that I exercise regularly, eat whole grains, limit processed foods, make food at home, get in my fruits and vegetables.  I still have a ways to go before I am at a healthy, happy weight for my body, but I am on the way.  It is challenging, but well worth it, because I feel better and better everyday! 
After the success on the scale I ate some breakfast and decided to celebrate with a run this morning at the gym.  I was feeling pretty pumped by my weight loss success and decided to run a little longer today.  I slowed down my pace a bit so that I didn’t push myself too hard and I only took three walk breaks to sip on some water.  I ended up running about 2.75 miles, which is the longest non-race run I have done, and it felt good.  After the run I did a few leg strengthening exercises, for my knees, and had nice stretch session.  
The plan today is to have a relaxing day at home which is just what I need after tiring work week.  (I know it was four-day week, but it seemed kind of slow.)  Enjoy your weekend!

Do you have anything to celebrate?  Did you run a race, set a PR, reach a goal, try something new, etc?  Nothing is too small to celebrate!   


Caroline said...

Yay, Cate!!! Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

You should celebrate!! that is no easy task. You have worked hard to earn your success. Way to go!

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