Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Running Shoes

As per my monthly goals I am working on running.  So far so good.  I recently ran 20 minutes straight in one of my workouts.  It was tough for sure, and kind of slow, but I didn’t stop and felt great after I finished!  The wonderful thing about running or walking is all you really need are good shoes.  I used to be a big New Balance fan, because I have wide feet, but in the past two years I have switched to a different kind of shoe.  
Last summer, my mom, who is already a runner (check out her blog at Moments That Make A Life), went to the local running shop, Track Shack, to get some new running shoes and I got to go along with her.  She tried on a few different brands and styles and decided on a pair of Sauconys.  She said they were the best running shoes she had ever had.  We ended up doing more shoe shopping that day and I found some Sauconys at DSW.  I tried them on and they were so light and comfortable; I felt like I could learn to run in these shoes, so I ended up getting a pair.  I have had those Sauconys for a year now and they have seen their best days; there are holes in the top and parts of the sole are worn down, so it was time for a new pair.  This time I decided to go to the Track Shack again with my mom (she needed new ones too) and go through the whole experience for myself.
Old, Worn, & Holey Sauconys

I brought in my old pair and one of the sales associates helped me out.  He looked at the bottom of my shoes to see what kind of shape they were in and to see the wear on the soles.  Then he had me walk barefoot across the store to look at how I walk.  Of course he measured my foot and I learned that I have gone down a half size.  He asked if I liked my Sauconys or if I was willing to try something different.  I told him I really do like the ones I have but I am not against trying something new.  He then disappeared into the back to find me some shoes, and came back with three: Saucony, Asics, and Nike.  I tried them all on, but none of them really felt right either too hard, uncomfortable, or too big.  So he went back again and chose some other ones for me to try.  This time there were a different pair of Sauconys, Aiscs, and Adidas.  After trying them all on I thought they all felt pretty good, so to make a decision I put one on each foot and walked around.  I eliminated the Adidas pair after a few walk arounds.  I am not very good at making decisions and I had to walk around in both shoes for awhile, before I made my decision.  The Sauconys felt good, they had nice support, were comfortable, a brand I like, and were a pretty silver and magenta.  The Aiscs, were much cushier, comfortable, and had a nice blue and green design.  

My Fancy New Running Shoes

I eventually decided to stick with Saucony.  They are the Progrid Echelon 2 Sauconys.  I like the brand and I think the support of the shoe will be good for me (I have had some ankle issues in the past and some current knee things I am dealing with).  The guy said that I looked more comfortable in the Saucony because in the Aiscs my feet were pronating a bit.  We looked around the store and tried some running skirts, shirts, hats, and compression socks on, but like I said I have a hard time making decisions, so I just got the shoes.  They were a bit pricey, but having good running shoes is important and I know I will wear them a lot.  Plus new running shoes are good motivation to go for a run.  I have already run in them a few times and am feeling good! 
Ready to Run 
The Track Shack is really an awesome running store.  It is a good local business that has been around over 30 years!  The people there are very friendly and they all run and have lots of information to share. If you live in the Orlando area I highly suggest checking them out.  Most other big cities have good running shops too.  I know Fleet Feet is a good place that has locations around the country.  Having the right shoe and one that fits you properly is important, so if you are a runner or want to start, find a place to get a good running shoe, it will be worth it!
What is your running shoe of choice?  Have you ever been fit for a running shoe? 


Keri said...

Saucony makes a great shoe...and they have some really cute ones. Good luck in your 5k! It is such a great distance and it usually draws a great crowd of spectators to cheer you on! 20 minutes of continuous running is will be able to run a 5k in no time!!

Cate said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I am excited to work toward that 5K! :)

krissy said...

i have similar shoes!***4********10074-3*M090&productId=4-104880&catId=cat10002

Love these shoes!!

Cate said...

too cool! :) They really are great shoes!

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