Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do it for You

Ok, so where do you even begin to start changing your life.  The task seems so very daunting (yes, it was to me even at 20 years old!), but you really take it step by step.  I have always been overweight and not really happy with the way I look and had tried several different diets over the years, but I firmly believe that I have been successful this time because of my mind set going into this.  If you don’t go into a new lifestyle with the right mind set that is how you can get off track, because you don’t have a kind of purpose or good motivation for you to continue.  Motivation and support are a vital part of being successful in your journey.  
Just the thought of how much weight I had to lose to even get to an average size was scary and I did not know what I needed to do to get there; how could I keep to my diet long enough to lose all the weight and how would I be able to keep it off?  I was at a standstill and had been for several months.  Then I was watching Oprah one day and she had on her Live Your Best Life campaign running for 2009 and was saying “this is the year to focus on you and get healthy” (or something to that effect).  I actually watched the video podcasts that were on iTunes featuring Bob Greene and Dr. Oz and found them to be very inspiring and information and within the first few minutes of the podcast I had to pause it and get a pen and paper.  I needed to write down what they were saying.  Bob gave information from his “Best Life” plan, which is about balance in all aspects of your life and if one thing is not going how you want it can affect all aspects in your life.  By looking at the different areas of my life: money, relationships, family, work, school, health I could see that not everything was positive, this needed to change.  Bob also kept mentioning how important it was do this for yourself.  All of this information motivated me to finally do something; they gave me some sense of strength and thinking that I can do this an I DESERVE to do this for ME.
In addition to this my mom said to me that she wanted to help me lose weight, if I wanted to.  She said she would help me figure out something to do and I decided to do Weight Watchers.  Having both the support and right mind set really got me pumped, although still a bit nervous about beginning my journey.  
After joining WW and getting new information about the plan I created notecards with some of the things Bob Green had mentioned like: “Don’t let yourself down; Make a change; I am changing my life because I am worth it; Get pleasure, be satisfied, love myself,” and posted them around my desk to remind me of why I was changing my life.  This may seem simple or even silly, but I have found it to be very helpful.  It is just a little reminder of why I am making changes in my life; it is kind of like a to do list.  
So the take home point is..... YOU DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY; DO THIS FOR YOU!  Most people, women in particular, put everybody before themselves and they are last on the list, but you have to make yourself a priority in your life because you are worth fighting for.  This may seem selfish, but doing this makes you happier and healthier and if you are happy and healthy, you can be the best when you are there for other people in your life, so really everyone wins.